Day Trip to Sefrou And Bhalil

Day Trip Overview

Embark on a captivating Day Tour with Fes Desert Trips, venturing into the picturesque foothills of the Middle Atlas Mountains to explore the charming town of Sefrou and the distinctive village of Bhalil. Depart directly from your Fez hotel, journeying to Sefrou and Bhalil, then returning seamlessly. Experience the enchanting waterfalls nestled near Sefrou and encounter families who still dwell within caves, preserving their unique way of life. Travel comfortably from Fez in a private vehicle, with the convenience of hotel pickup and drop-off included.


  • Transport in a comfortable A/C vehicle (Mini Van).
  • English speaking driver.
  • Pick up and drop off at your accommodation.

Important Information

  • Pick up : 10am.
  • Drop off : 7pm (approx).
  • Duration : One Day Trip.
  • Start : Fes.
  • Finish : Fes.

Sefrou and Bhalil Day Trip from Fes Itinerary

Your journey with Fes Desert Trips begins after breakfast at 10 am, as your driver picks you up from your hotel or riad to embark on a memorable day trip. Your first destination is Bhalil, nestled at the edge of the mountain range. Perched on the hillside away from the main road, Bhalil offers a unique experience not often found on typical tourist routes. Explore its famed cave dwellings nestled in the oldest part of the village, alongside brightly colored houses linked by mountain bridges. While some of these caves are open to visitors, they are gradually disappearing as the village modernizes. Witness local craftsmen plying their trades in the streets, creating handicrafts or tending to local crops. These caves, once practical sanctuaries from summer heat and winter cold, now offer a glimpse into a disappearing way of life. Local guides, eager to share their knowledge, offer tours for a nominal fee. Discover Bhalil’s renown as a hub for jellaba button production and observe village women crafting traditional jellabas amid alleys lined with cotton and buttons. Marvel at the panoramic view from the village’s summit, encompassing lush valleys and scenic hilltops.

Next, venture to the serene town of Sefrou, a mere 30 km from Fes, now a popular tourist destination. Initially a Jewish settlement, Sefrou has embraced diverse communities harmoniously for centuries. Explore the Jewish quarter, meander through narrow alleys adorned with unique architecture, and observe bustling traders, a Jewish cemetery, and a synagogue. Wander through the ancient medina, characterized by whitewashed houses and distinctive terraces, while the Aggai River bestows a refreshing ambiance. Witness the enchanting waterfalls near Sefrou, a testament to the town’s agricultural richness. Experience Sefrou’s famed cherry festival in June, an internationally recognized celebration of the cherry harvest, earning it UNESCO recognition as a non-material heritage site. Other festivals honor Prophet Daniel, Sidi Lahcen Ben Ahmed, and Lalla Rekiah, each adding to Sefrou’s cultural richness.

Conclude your remarkable day as your Fes Desert Trips driver returns you to Fes, leaving you at your accommodation, enriched by the day’s exploration and cultural encounters.